Codyrose.net is the home of the Cody Rose Network and features a series of different podcasts and blog posts related to a number of varying topics. This site was built and is maintained in it’s entirety by Cody Rose. In 2014 the first podcast titled The Eternal Skunk Show was created and made available on iTunes. Hosts Cody Rose and guest host “O” sat down and discussed many different topics in their uncensored and unfiltered podcast. Due to scheduling conflicts and lack of interest, the podcast went into hiatus in late 2015 with the promise to continue the show at a later date.

In early 2017, The Cody Rose Show was created and it’s primary focus was to sit down with thought leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss what it takes to be successful and what they did to chase their dreams and make their ideas into reality. This show looks to meet with interesting guests who have compelling stories to share, and tries to understand what motivates and drives them to succeed. We are always looking for new guests to come on the show, and if you know of a great personality with a captivating story who would be interested in discussing their breakthroughs and walking us through their challenges, I invite you to fill out the contact form below. This project is still in the works.

Also created in early 2017, The Racin’ Rewind w/ Cody Rose is a weekly podcast that looks back at the week in professional American motorsports. Primarily centered on the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, the show will also feature stories and opinions about the NASCAR Xfinity Series, and NASCAR Camping World Truck Series as well. This project is still in the works.

For guest idea submissions send an email to: show@codyrose.net or fill out the form below.